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Finding the right tender for you

Searching for tenders can be frustrating, and it can often seem that there is not something out there that fits your product or service. 

The first step to solving this is to make sure that you are searching in the right place. Before you spend money with an expensive service that finds tenders for you, make sure you have spent some time familiarising yourself with Contracts Finder, the Government's website that aggregates opportunities. It is much improved, and the search function is pretty granular to find relevant things. 

The second step is to go back to basics on your core strengths. Instead of thinking of yourselves as creating a specific product or service, think about the problems that it solves. Link this to your research into the health sectors pressure points. For example, your transport company isn't just a provider of patient transport, it is a way of improving flow around the hospital system.

If you think about opportunities in these terms, it makes it much easier to find things to solve.

The other thing that we always advise our customers is to look for subcontracting opportunities. The NHS has a tendency to put out very big tenders, then let potential bidders work out who they would need to partner with to make them happen. Look to see who has won work in your area, and see if there are opportunities to subcontract. This can save a lot of time, and open up a much broader set of opportunities.

As always, if you want some advice and support with finding the best opportunities for your business, then drop us a line, and we can have a chat.



Why aren't there more tenders at the moment?

If you've been searching for NHS tenders over the last few days, you will have noticed how few there are. 


Well, it's the General Election, and the rules surrounding it. We've entered a phase called purdah, which started on 30th March.  

Diring this period, government bodies, including the NHS, refrain from announcing new policies or contracts. While not a legal thing, it's one of those generally accepted practices.  

So, it will be quiet on the tender front for a couple more weeks - great time to build your bid library, storyboard ideas and plan strategy for what will certainly be a busy May and June. 



Bidding Opportunity

Today's opportunity is this 111 tender, based in Northamptonshire. The bidder event has just gone past, but it's not too late to get involved. 111 is an area full of possibility for innovative solutions, and this looks like a good sized opportunity. For help with solution design or bidding, get in touch - and we can arrange a conversation.