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HEALTHBID HOTSEAT......BECCA BENSON - Bid Writer and Bagel Enthusiast.


HEALTHBID HOTSEAT......BECCA BENSON - Bid Writer and Bagel Enthusiast.

Get to know the team! Each week we will be posting revealing interviews that take you on an exciting trip to the inner minds of various members of the team. We ask the important questions, so you don't have to. First up for the grilling is Becca.... stay on the edge of your seats.



- - - - - - - - - - -

Hello Rebecca,

How are you feeling there in HealthBid’s hotseat? Good. Feeling very confident.

Nervous? A little, should I be?

No! We just want to get to know you. Let’s start with an easy one then.


HB: Becca...what is your full name and DOB?

BB: Rebecca Elizabeth Benson, 20th July 1993.

HB: Ahh..still so young! What is the most played song on your phone currently?

BB: ‘You Know You’re Right’ by Nirvana.  

HB: Do you have a favourite word?

BB: Fab.  

HB: What 3 things remind you of your childhood?

BB: Cadbury animals, Capri-Suns aaaaaaand daisy chains. 

HB: It sounds like you had a blissful childhood! Ok, It’s Friday, what does your ideal weekend look like?

BB: A city break, in a hotel with a spa, in a foreign country.  

HB: There is a movie being made about your life. Who would you like to play you?

BB: Either... Melissa McCarthy or Jennifer Lawrence. They may look different but are both funny and I like their confidence.

HB: You are going on the trip of a lifetime. Who do you take with you?

BB: My boyfriend Rob (It should be noted for the official record that she initially said her guinea pig. Called Puig. Sorry Rob)

HB: You’re going to be stuck in traffic for a few hours, what helps keep your mood up?

BB: Winding down the windows and playing some up beat music. Aaaaaand people watching.   

HB: You’re a professional bid writer, what qualities do you think make you good for the role? Don’t be modest!

BB: I am very thorough, perceptive and quick to learn.  

HB:What do you like most about working for HealthBid?

BB: The people?

HB: You don't sound to confident there, but i won't linger and make it awkward. What are you most looking forward to this year?

BB: Planning my trip to New York! 

HB: Ahh the Big Apple. We'd be excited about that too. Do you have a favourite time of the day?

BB: Late morning…. Not too early and almost lunch!

HB: How do you family describe you?

BB: *giggles nervously* urrrm, bubbly but ferocious. I’m sarcastic and I don’t sugar the plum. But also caring.   

HB: Good to know. Finally, the important question....Where is wally?

BB: Wally…is…..hiding with Quasimodo at the top of Notre-Dame.

- - - - - - - - - - -

There you have it folks, be sure to tune in soon for the next instalment of HealthBid Hotseat.