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The second instalment of our tell all hot seat quizzes with the HealthBid staff. Can Georgia make it through the interview without bursting into fits of giggles. You'll have to read on and find out. 

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HB: What’s your middle name?

GT: Eloise

HB: If you were a colour what would you be and why?

GT: Red – The colour of my face right now. *giggles*

HB: What was the last thing you googled?

GT: Children’s Community Services – occupational therapy in 0-5’s.

HB: That’s what we like to hear, dedication to the job!

GT: I am nothing if not dedicated Joseph.

HB: If we were to look at your personal internet search history, what would be the most common theme?

GT: Social Media – People I used to go to school with! I can’t help myself!

HB: What food reminds you of your childhood?

GT: Spaghetti hoops and fish fingers.

HB: Ketchup?

GT: Of course!

HB: If you were to lead your own rock band, what would you call them?

GT: Oh come on Joe! Georgia aaaaaaaand The Hons? Five members probably. But I’d have to make some more friends firsts.

HB: Good Luck with that! Headphones or speakers?

GT: Headphones, don’t want to be sharing my Justin Bieber with the world.  

HB: What is your least favourite thing to do?

GT: Socialise.

HB: (interviewer and interviewee exchange awkward glances) Alrighty then. If you were any fictional character who would you be and why?

GT: Goldilocks – I am an experienced squatter and love porridge. Oh and I have blonde hair.

HB: You’re a while away from getting an office key then! Which celebrity do you think you look most like?

GT: Kanye. Obvs.

HB: How would you friends describe you?

GT : (Texts friend, waits one minute for response and reads) Caring, kind and funny. Oh Gosh those are all really boring! My boyfriend describes me as vanilla. (sad face)

HB: What causes do you feel passionate about?

GT: Mental Health, HIV, I've got a big list on my linked in.

HB: Any holidays planned this year?

GT: Yes Greece, sun and cocktails are all I need. All. Day. Long.

HB: Favourite tipple?

GT: Gin and tonic, dependent on the gin some kind of fruit!

HB: OK an easy one to finish. Your favourite thing about working at HealthBid?

GT: I like the variety of projects I’ve had to opportunity to work on already. We’ve got some interesting ones lined up too.

HB: Thanks, Georgia.

GT: No Problem. Have a great weekend everyone!


Style & Substance


Style & Substance


When doing creative writing as part of an English class, it is always important to write for your audience. School tends to teach you how to identify who they are, what they like, and then tweak your writing style accordingly. Register, tone, tenses… These are all buzzwords of English writing which have an impact on your final piece.


Even though your school days may feel like a while ago (or perhaps just a few years!), the lessons learnt here are valuable. For example, the tone and register you use in a job application will be different to that when writing a party invite to your closest friends. In every situation, there’s a subtle difference in style which is important to pick up on, and bidding is no exception.


The bidding style could be seen as a unique combination of commercial (sales) writing, essentially persuasive writing, and storytelling. It’s important to be concise and clear to get across your key points, your win themes. The style you use will influence how your message is communicated to the Commissioner, and so it’s important to be on point. For example, talking about yourself in the past tense too often makes it seem as though you’re not looking forward, and aren’t also currently achieving all of these things. Subtle nuances in the text like this can mount up to change the feel of the text, and so it’s important to bear in mind.


If you would like some support with your writing style, want us to write answers for you, or to simply review what you’ve done to maximise your chances of winning, give our Business Development Manager, Joe, a ring on 07341 338 200.




The Strengths of Story Time


The Strengths of Story Time

There is no doubt that writing is a powerful tool. When you’re young, bed-time stories are one of the highlights of your day. When you get just that bit older, despite the narratives changing slightly, stories still remain a great channel through which to engage people and express a point. This is why we believe they are a key factor to bear in mind when composing a bid.

Evidently, the aim here is slightly different to when you were a child; instead of falling into a blissful slumber, you want a story to bring your day-to-day accomplishments as a company to life, and strike a chord with the commissioner. Short of showing them in person how your company works, which of course you can do once the bid has been won, a story gives the most realistic impression of how what you do (and how you do it) would greatly help the situation in question.

Simply describing the way in which your services work and letting the commissioner deduce its benefits is a passive method which makes the reader disengage. Be creative: imagine up a character who is using your solution in their organisation, use it to show them how it has a positive influence on the lives of the patients, and therefore how it’s their best option. They can then visualise why they should choose your bid and services over others, setting you up nicely on the path to victory.

Last but not least, don’t forget to tell your company’s story. Just like tailoring your bid to the tender and to the commissioner as discussed in the last post, make your company relatable through giving it that more personal edge and help the reader to understand its purpose. Finding out who created the solution and why will make your bid stronger, as the commissioner will further comprehend your reasons for tendering. If you fancy getting your stories straight and streamlining your bid, don’t hesitate to call us on 07341 338 200 or send an email to!