Josh is HealthBid’s newest Bid Writer, joining in July 2019. A Yorkshire native, Josh is originally from Barnsley and has just graduated from Leeds Trinity University with a BA in Journalism.

Hi, Josh! First question to kick us off; what is your full name?

Joshua Charles Atherton

Are there any causes that you’re passionate about?

Animals, particularly hunting and the ivory trade! Rhinos are my favourite animals - I’ve adopted one. I even have a rhino teddy in my car!

Cute! Can you sum up your day so far in three words?

Reading, writing, Spotify.

We hear you’re a football fan! Can you tell us about your team?

Yes! I’m a Barnsley FC season ticket holder - I’ve been a fan since I was born. When the team were promoted to the premier league in 1997, my Dad took me to see the team parade even though I was only 2 months old! About once a month I go on the Dearne FM podcast, Red All Over, to chat about the team and share my views.

We’ll be sure to listen in! If you could be anybody for a day, who would you be and why?

Definitely LeBron James – I’ve got a tattoo of him on the back of my leg recently. He’s such a nice guy, and always does everything right!

Do you like to travel?

Yeah, I do! I’ve got a trip booked for September. I’ll be spending a week in New York and a week in Miami with my girlfriend.

Exciting! What’s been your favourite destination so far?

Barcelona was the nicest place I’ve been. I went in high school for a football trip. We went for a walk down Las Ramblas and I bartered for a towel.

Do you like cheese?

Yep, I do!

What is your favourite type of cheese?

At the minute, it’s Asda’s 50% less fat – I’m getting ready for Miami!

Now for the Pub Quiz Question! Do you know who won the 2019 Love Island final on Monday night?

It was definitely Greg, but I don’t know the lady’s name! I can picture her; she has frizzy hair!

It was Greg and Amber! Half a point for that one. Final question: what inspired you to study Journalism?

Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a sports commentator - football and bike racing in particular. I used to get told off by my Dad at Barnsley games for talking too much!