Here at HealthBid, we recognise that businesses seeking to expand – whether they be private SMEs or larger trusts - can find the bidding process a difficult task. Both types of organisation can lack the resource to commit to this time-consuming process alongside their everyday working commitments, and bidding can be simply regarded as laborious. This post will show how we can take the stress out of this business development process, so you can enjoy the process. Aptly enough for a month which is punctuated by Valentine’s Day, we know and love the bidding process; and actively work to maximise our client’s winning potential. We want to ensure that that the companies we work with do not fear the procurement process, but rather value the opportunity to eloquently express their ability to commissioners.

As proof of our commitment to the bidding process, our experience, combined with our collaborative ethos and proven methodology allow us to utilise our experience and tailor our process to our client's requirements.


The individual experience of our team members means that we have a raft of bidding expertise on a collective level. Our personnel, including our Bid Director and Bid Managers have an impressive background in managing projects, worth millions to the NHS and the private sector. Taken together, this experience and ethos means that our clients maximise their opportunity to win a bid.


Unlike many other bidding organisations who operate as a sole entity, we work on a collaborative and transparent basis. The Bid Engine unites an impressive team consisting of a variety of bid management professionals, who work across a range of areas, from Children’s Services to Patient Transport Services. This means we can offer a consistent bidding service throughout every stage of the bid’s timeline.


Capitalising on our ethos and experience, our review process allows us to fine tune business development proposals. A Pink Team allows us to get to know organisations, developing win themes and harnessing the knowledge and expertise of our clients to channel into the final bid. The Red Team, i.e. a final review with a client, enables us to fully develop the story that a business is trying to tell, identifying themes and key information to refine the bid.

Taken together, these three characteristics of our company curb the stress that many of our clients may otherwise feel when approaching a procurement process. We actively enjoy managing projects, and articulately expressing a client’s winning potential.

If you need assistance at any stage of the bidding process, give our Business Development Manager, Laura Moore, a call on 07341 338200.