Tom is our Managing Director, and established HealthBid in February 2015, with fellow Directors Brendan Fatchett and David Haslewood. He studied at Leeds University and has a considerable background in NHS management. He lives in Leeds with his wife and two children, and is a keen fan of musicals, the Tour de France and cooking.

What is your full name?

Thomas Edward Sheppard

What causes are you passionate about?

Mental health, performing arts and homelessness.

Sum up your day so far in three words.

Musicals. Coffee. Sales.

If you could be anybody for a day, who would you be and why?

At the moment, I’d like to be Lin-Manuel Miranda. He wrote Hamilton, and is currently working on Mary Poppins 2. I love a musical, particularly Hamilton. L-M.M. is riding the crest of a wave after working incredibly hard for the last twenty years and possessing so much talent – he was also recently nominated for an Oscar due to his songwriting for ‘Moana’.

What was the last thing you Googled?

HMS Britannic - the sister ship of the Titanic that sank in the Aegean during WWI. There’s always been controversy over whether it was hit by a torpedo or a mine, as it was clearly a hospital ship so a deliberate torpedo would have been a contravention of war principles…. It’s now been confirmed that the explosion was caused by a mine. Luckily not many people were onboard as it was on its way to collect more passengers…

Interesting! Pick your favourite cuisine…

Italian - because I like cooking, and it involves such simple ingredients to make a really good dish. I make an awesome plain tomato basil sauce. 

The failsafe question: what is your favourite cheese?

This is a difficult one, because I believe it’s a highly contextual choice. However, I would say cheddar cheese, but with a heavy heart because I’d be turning down another load of really good cheese. 

Name three different caffeinated beverages from: Costa… [for the avoidance of doubt, TS is no fan of this 70s café conglomerate)

Large overly milky coffee… No, Ok… A cortado, a skinny, soya latte with hazelnut syrup…  and a coke

A coke?! I suppose it has caffeine in… OK then, what is the best UK city, in your opinion?

I like London… as a place to visit – I wouldn’t like to live there- because it’s got the best of our history, as well as the most modern parts of Britain. There’s a feeling of being in a small town in some areas, but in others you feel like you’re in a hub – there’s a great mix of small town and big city. The range of people is also amazing.

Do you speak any languages?

I mean obviously, English, but also French - and I can speak 10 words of Icelandic.

What are they?

Well ‘bless’ is hello… and hvað heitir þú is ‘what’s your name?”

[NB: some clarification was needed as to spelling post-interview]

The Pub Quiz question: name Lorde’s new single…

Who is Lorde?

Oh… Next question: if you were an animal what would you be?

Good question, I think probably a sloth. I respect their lifestyle choices.

Good reasoning! And finally… name an interesting fact about yourself

I once got thrown by a donkey at a country fair when I was a kid. Again, I quite respect donkeys, because of their relaxed attitude to life.

Thanks Tom!

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