November saw us welcome a new member to the HealthBid team as Emma joined us. A History graduate, Emma lives in West Yorkshire and enjoys live music festivals, visiting the Yorkshire seaside and travelling across Eastern Europe. As ever, we've interviewed her on a wide variety of significant subjects....

Hi Emma! To start the questions off, what is your full name?

Emma Louise McCormack.

What causes are you passionate about?

Mental health and 0-19s services.

Sum up your day so far in three words.

Coffee, writing, activities.

If you could be anybody for a day, who would you be and why?

Louis Theroux, because he’s got a really interesting job, and he knows so much about everything. I admire the way he manages to get information out of people.

What’s your favourite LT documentary?


What was the last thing you Googled?

The meaning of MECC.

The failsafe question: what is your favourite cheese?

Wensleydale with cranberry - it’s very festive as well and it’s great on crackers!

As a Yorkshire native, name your favourite place to visit in the county.

So many places! I like to go to Malham Cove in Skipton for a nice walk, and I quite like Leeds City Centre. Oh, and Whitby too,

Do you speak any languages?


The Pub Quiz question: what is currently the UK’s No. 1 Single?


Woo hoo! People don’t normally get the PQ question! Next question: if you were an animal what would you be?

Maybe something water-based… I think an elephant because they love water. They’re very protective and seem very loyal, but they like rolling around in mud.

Good reasoning! And finally… name an interesting fact about yourself

I spotted the launch of the Tory manifesto in Halifax earlier this year - including the local protests - as that’s where I worked.

Favourite memory of Leeds?

How festive Millennium Square looks at Christmas time! So Millennium Square in Leeds.

Where was the last place you went abroad?

I went to Berlin in February to see the band The XX, and saw lots of incredible historical sights. I also visited Southern Spain in the summer. Berlin was freezing, but Spain was 30 degrees plus -so a little warmer!