The second instalment of our tell all hot seat quizzes with the HealthBid staff. Can Georgia make it through the interview without bursting into fits of giggles. You'll have to read on and find out. 

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HB: What’s your middle name?

GT: Eloise

HB: If you were a colour what would you be and why?

GT: Red – The colour of my face right now. *giggles*

HB: What was the last thing you googled?

GT: Children’s Community Services – occupational therapy in 0-5’s.

HB: That’s what we like to hear, dedication to the job!

GT: I am nothing if not dedicated Joseph.

HB: If we were to look at your personal internet search history, what would be the most common theme?

GT: Social Media – People I used to go to school with! I can’t help myself!

HB: What food reminds you of your childhood?

GT: Spaghetti hoops and fish fingers.

HB: Ketchup?

GT: Of course!

HB: If you were to lead your own rock band, what would you call them?

GT: Oh come on Joe! Georgia aaaaaaaand The Hons? Five members probably. But I’d have to make some more friends firsts.

HB: Good Luck with that! Headphones or speakers?

GT: Headphones, don’t want to be sharing my Justin Bieber with the world.  

HB: What is your least favourite thing to do?

GT: Socialise.

HB: (interviewer and interviewee exchange awkward glances) Alrighty then. If you were any fictional character who would you be and why?

GT: Goldilocks – I am an experienced squatter and love porridge. Oh and I have blonde hair.

HB: You’re a while away from getting an office key then! Which celebrity do you think you look most like?

GT: Kanye. Obvs.

HB: How would you friends describe you?

GT : (Texts friend, waits one minute for response and reads) Caring, kind and funny. Oh Gosh those are all really boring! My boyfriend describes me as vanilla. (sad face)

HB: What causes do you feel passionate about?

GT: Mental Health, HIV, I've got a big list on my linked in.

HB: Any holidays planned this year?

GT: Yes Greece, sun and cocktails are all I need. All. Day. Long.

HB: Favourite tipple?

GT: Gin and tonic, dependent on the gin some kind of fruit!

HB: OK an easy one to finish. Your favourite thing about working at HealthBid?

GT: I like the variety of projects I’ve had to opportunity to work on already. We’ve got some interesting ones lined up too.

HB: Thanks, Georgia.

GT: No Problem. Have a great weekend everyone!