Get to know the team! We have already posted some revealing interviews that tell you more about various members of the team. We ask the important questions, so you don't have to. Next on the list is Justine, our new Bid Manager

Justine joined HealthBid as a Bid Manager this month (November 2016) to project manage and produce work-winning bids. She has worked in a bidding capacity for diverse businesses over the last 12 years covering patient transport, healthcare communications, print management and multi-discipline construction projects.

Justine enjoys music gigs and festivals, tries to eat curry at least once week, holds a season ticket at Manchester United and is a serial short-breaker (out of football season of course!).

What’s your specialism in bid writing?

Patient Transport Services, courier and patient communications

What causes are you passionate about?

Healthcare – particularly autism due to family connections.

Sum up your day so far in three words

Birthday. Cake. Loungewear.

If you could be anybody for a day, who would you be - and why?

Bridget Jones – never a dull moment!

What was the last thing you Googled?

What year did Brotherhood of Man sing ‘Save All Your Kisses For Me’ – 1976.

What was the last book you read?

Every Dead Thing by John Connolly.

Favourite toastie flavour?

Apple and cinnamon.

Continuing with the ever important food theme; how do you feel about cheese?

I could eat cheese every day, I always have cheese on the go – blue is best!

As fellow cheese fans that is good to hear! Any favourites?

Cambozola is my favourite – it’s similar to a blue brie.

Do you speak any languages?

I speak Spanish – I spent a year in Gijón as part of my degree in Business and Spanish, and like to spend my holidays in Spanish speaking countries. 

Very jealous! If you were an animal what would you be?


Name a surprising fact about yourself

I always take lime pickle (and a spoon!) on a night out to combat hiccoughs...

Interesting! Finally, what are you most looking forward to in working at HealthBid?

Getting my teeth into some big projects and widening my knowledge.

Great! Thanks Justine!

Image of San Lorenzo Beach, Gij ó n from

Image of San Lorenzo Beach, Gijón from